Small gestures
that do a lot of good.

Our philanthropic fondation provides financial support for projects carried out by different charitable organizations whose mission is to reduce seniors’ isolation and help people with mental health issues.

Proudly supporting the projects of over 175 organizations since 2008.

Why We Exist

Our number-one goal is to support the initiatives of charitable organizations and contribute to the development of Quebec society. Our support primarily targets the tangible resources component of innovative projects rather than salaries. We believe that our involvement can make a difference and help significantly change the lives of certain groups of people who need special help.

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The Foundation in a Few Figures

Founder’s Message

Carmand Normand

Giving fulfills a need for balance. A person’s primary responsibility is to take care of themselves and their family. Once they’ve achieved this, they feel a need to share what they have.

Furthermore, giving is a privilege and I want to use this privilege as a demonstration of solidarity. Mother Teresa said that you have to give until it hurts. I say you have to give until it feels good.

Getting support

We’re open to supporting a variety of projects and we’re always on the lookout for new initiatives to sustain our mission.

Impact of the Foundation

  • Un vélo, une ville

    Mise en service de deux triporteurs et mise à niveaux de 25 triporteurs.

  • Fondation Dr Clown

    Achat de costumes, accessoires et instrument de musique pour les clowns thérapeutiques. Location d’équipements pour réalisation de la vidéo La Belle visite en musique.

  • Fondation Pinel

    Création de 4 avatars pour les personnes atteintes de schizophrénie par ce mode de traitement novateur.

  • Maison St-Dominique

    Trousses de départ pour jeunes adultes vivant un premier épisode psychotique du programme JAP. Aménagement de la salle communautaire de la Maison St-Dominique.

  • Fondation Santé Trois-Rivières

    Matériel pour la création de deux aires thérapeutiques pour le Centre de service en santé mentale intégré au CHAUR de Trois-Rivières.

  • Fondation Héritage 2000

    Achat d’outils pour le démarrage de l’atelier d’ébénisterie communautaire de Rimouski pour briser l’isolement des aînés.

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